How do I approve / reject a document?

Once your Borrower shares documents with you, you'll need to approve or reject the documents to indicate to the borrower you've reviewed the documents and whether they can be used for the loan.

1. Start by going to your Pipeline. If you have borrowers that have turned in documents for your review, you'll see on the right side "Docs Need Approval".

2. Click on the Borrower.

Once you're on the Borrower's page, you'll see all of the documents they submitted and what the status is. They will either be marked "Missing" "Needs Approval" or "Approved". 

3. Click on the document that "Needs Approval" and you'll see a new section pop up with the options to "View Document" "Delete" "Approve" or "Reject".

4. You can click on "View Document" to make sure the Borrower submitted the correct document and all of the pages are there. Pay special attention to any documents labeled as "Uploaded" in the Source column, as these are the documents manually entered by the borrower. If the account is "Linked" you can be certain all pages are present and the statement is legible. 

5. If the document is correct, go ahead and click "Approve". If it's not the right document, click "Reject". 

6. If you click "Approve", a pop-up will appear and simply click "Confirm" to approve the document. 

7. If you click "Reject", a different pop-up will appear. Write a note to your Borrower letting them know why you rejected the document and what can be done to correct the error. Ex: "Missing the last page of the statement, please upload again or link account." 

8. Click "Confirm" to send it to your Borrower. That's it! The borrower will receive a text message that a document needs to be replaced, as well as an email with your explanation and a link for them to return to their account and make the correction

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