How do I edit an application / request additional documents?

If you need to either edit the Borrower's contact information or update the list of requested documents, follow these easy steps either in the video or screenshots below: 

Or follow these steps:

1. Start by going to your Pipeline.

2. Click on the Borrower


3. Under the borrower's personal information, click "Edit Application"


You are brought back to the original borrower invite page.

4. If needed, you can edit their contact information. 

5. You may need to scroll down to see the "Documents List" of the documents you originally requested. You can check or uncheck the boxes of which documents you now need, or change the amount of months/years requested. 

6. You can also request additional documents including a Custom Request. 

7. Make sure to click "Save Borrower" to update their application. 


That's it! An email (and text if they have mobile number on their account) will automatically be sent to the Borrower letting them know which additional documents you have requested.

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