How do I upload a Borrower's document from my end?

If a Borrower has sent you a document through another means (ex: fax or email), you can upload the document to Lendsnap from your end so you can keep all of their documents in one place. Here's a video or screenshots are below.

 You can also follow these screenshots:

1. Start by going to your Pipeline. 

2. Click on the Borrower. 


3. Find the category of the document you need to upload (ex: Assets, Income, Identity) and click "Upload Documents". Fullscreen_3_28_17__3_17_PM.jpg

4. A pop-up window appears prompting you for more information. Fill in the requested information (it differs depending on the category of document you're uploading). 

5. Either click "Choose a File" to upload the document or simply drag and drop the file into the dotted box. 

6. Click "Add Document".


7. When the pop up closes, you'll see the document uploaded and the status changed from "Missing" to "Needs Approval".


You'll then need to approve the newly uploaded document. You can find the steps here: How do I approve / reject a document? 

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