Is there a benefit to linking my accounts instead of uploading files myself?

Absolutely! By linking your accounts, the Lendsnap platform safely gathers and organizes the documents/statements for you. Linking your accounts automates the entire process of collecting and organizing your information. Furthermore, when you link an account, the statements are kept current throughout the transaction. For example, if the loan takes more than 30 days to close, you will not be asked to send in new bank/investment account information because Lendsnap keeps it up-to-date for you. If you prefer not to link your accounts, we still highly recommend using the upload feature within Lendsnap as this is still much safer than email. Your documents will not be kept current automatically, but this is still a safer way to get the statements to your loan officer.

Here are the steps for each option: 

How do I link my bank account?

How do I upload a document? 

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