How secure is Lendsnap?

Security is a top priority for us. Lendsnap is designed around keeping your data safe, and our system implements full bank-level security according to SOC1 Type II auditing. Lendsnap security policies include:

  1. Access control Security requirements and permissions for all authorized users are identified and documented.
  2. Data protection
  • All internal Lendsnap company data and customer data is properly classified and protected.
  • Personnel access rights and restrictions are documented.
  • Customer data storage and destruction requirements are defined and implemented.
  • We securely encrypt user data in transfer using SSL and TLS.
  • Data at rest is encrypted with 256-bit AES. 
  • Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations.
  • We use virtual private cloud (VPC) to securely store user data exclusively within the United States.
  1. Security monitoring
  • Security risks are assessed on a periodic basis.
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Application level security testing
  1. Physical and logical security
  • Hosted in AWS which provides SOCI and SOC II compliance reports
  • Physical and logical access to AWS servers and network is strictly controlled.
  1. Security reports Complaints and requests related to security issues are efficiently resolved.
  2. Security resolution All security breaches and incidents are identified and mitigated quickly and efficiently.
  3. System availability Risks to system availability are assessed on a periodic basis.
  4. System Stability All system components are tested and evaluated before implementation.
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