How do I customize the conditions for my borrower?

When you invite a new borrower, you can customize the conditions for the application and what documents you request from them. Here's a quick video showing you how:


You can also follow these steps:

On the "Add a Borrower" page, scroll down to "Request Documents". You can check or uncheck the boxes based on which documents you need from your borrower. You can also change the numbers of statements you are requesting by changing the number in the boxes. Lendsnap.jpg

If you'd like to add a note or specific instructions to your borrower on a document request, click the green pencil to the left of the document. The "Request Description" box will appear and you can enter in your message.


If you'd like to add an additional document that isn't listed, click on "Request Additional Documents". 


You can select from the list we provide or even do a "Custom Request" if what you need is not listed. 


Once you add this document, you can change the number of statements requested and click on the green pencil to add a note as in the steps above. 


Once you finish customizing your conditions, make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom and click "Save & Send" to invite the borrower. 

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