What do I do if there's a "connection error" when linking accounts?

If you see "Connection Error" next to a linked account, it means the account needs further attention. Click on "Connection Error" for more instructions. 

A pop-up appears with instructions on what you need to do to continue linking the account. Most often, it means there is a security question that needs to be answered by your financial institution before linking your accounts. 

Enter the answer for the security question (or if you are prompted to answer something else) and then click "Submit". Your account will continue linking. 

Because Lendsnap can gather data from lots of different sources for you, it's possible that sometimes one of these sources might be unavailable or is having a technical difficulty. If you receive a message that does not ask for input, it's probably caused by the something beyond our control. We will try again later. In that case, feel free to link a different account or upload other documents. Of course, our support staff is always here to answer any questions:

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