How do I link or upload W-2s and Pay stubs?

1. To link or upload your W-2 or Pay stubs, login to your borrower portal and click on "W-2 forms" or "Pay Stub". The steps below show W-2, but apply to both categories. 

2. Click "Link or Upload Document". 

To LINK your accounts, make sure you are on the "Link" tab. (Directions for Uploading are below).

3. Select your Payroll Service from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter your Username and Password to login. 

5. Click "Login" and your account immediately begins linking! It may take a few moments to complete, but you can continue working on your other documents. 

OR, to UPLOAD your documents, make sure you are on the "Upload" tab. Steps 1 & 2 are the same as above.

3. Enter the required account information - Employer Name & Statement Year. 

4. Drag and drop the file into the box or click on the box to select the file from your computer.

5. Click "Upload" and your file will immediately begin uploading! 

6. Once you've clicked "Upload" or "Login", you'll see the documents on your homepage. 

7. Click on "Link or Upload Document" to go through the same steps to upload your remaining documents. 

Once you've uploaded/linked all of the required documents in that category, the heading will turn green and you'll see the status is "In Review". 

How do you know if your Loan Officer has approved your documents? Find out here: How do I know if my documents / statements are approved?

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