How do I upload my documents?

The "upload" tool is great to use when you want to add statements for banks that are unavailable for linking, or anytime you prefer to manually upload a statement instead of linking your account. It's easier and more secure than emailing your documents!  You either watch the video or follow the steps with screenshots below.  


1. Once you've logged into the borrower portal, click on "Bank & Investment Statements"

2. A button appears for you to click "Link or Upload Document" 

3. A pop-up appears, click on the "Upload" tab. 

4. Fill in all of the required information: Type (checking, savings, investment), Bank Name, Last 4 Digits of Account, and Statement Date (a calendar will appear for you to select the date). 

5. Either "drag and drop" or upload the document from your computer into the box. 

6. Click "upload" and your document will immediately begin uploading to your borrower portal! 

7. If the file you upload is Password Protected, click on "My document is password protected" and enter in the password below. Then click "Upload" as in the previous screenshot. 

Your uploaded documents immediately appear on your homepage. 

8. If you'd like to view your document, click on the three dots to the right of the document. 

9. A drop-down menu will appear, click on "View Document". A new tab will be opened with your document for you to view. 

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