How do I know if my documents / statements are approved?

It is easy to see the status of your application based on the color of each category. 

BLUE: You have not turned in any documents/statements in that category (ex: "Pay stub" below)

RED: You have not yet submitted the total number of documents requested by your Loan Officer, OR your Loan Officer has rejected a document (ex: "W-2" in the image below) Note a category might also quickly turn red when your account is linked prior to gathering the total number of requested documents. It will automatically turn green once the documents are collected. 

GREEN: You have submitted all of your documents and they are "in review" or your Loan Officer has accepted all of them. (ex: "Assets" in the image below)

Clicking on each category gives you more information on the status of each document. The documents are either "Accepted" by your Loan Officer, still "In Review", or "Rejected" and need to be replaced. 

If a document is "Rejected", you will receive a notification letting you know why it was rejected. You can also click on "Rejected" to see the message from your Loan Officer. You can then click on the 3 dots to the right of the document to replace it.

When all documents are accepted, the category turns green and looks like this:

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