Using the Encompass plugin

1. Start by opening or creating a new loan application from your Encompass pipeline. At a minimum, complete the borrower’s full name and personal email. Optionally add their mobile phone number to the loan application. Save when completed.  


2. At the lower-left of the Encompass application, find the Forms tab, select “Show in Alpha Order” and “Show All,” if the “LendsnapSendLoan” form is not already visible.

3. Clicking on the form will result in a new window opening. Since this is a new loan, it will pull in basic borrower information, it will allow you to select or deselect who should be invited to Lendsnap, and which documents you’d like to request.  

4. Once ready, click the Send button. This only needs to be clicked once and may take a few moments to respond, depending on the present activity on your Encompass server. Once the invite(s) have been sent to the borrower(s), you’ll receive an on-screen confirmation message.
5. Click Ok on the confirmation message and close the Lendsnap window. Since the borrower invitation(s) have been sent, no further action is required at this time. Continue working on the loan application if needed or save and close it.

6. The borrower(s) will have received the invitation email(s) and will follow the same registration steps as if they had been invited through the Lendsnap lender portal. They will be guided to upload documents or link institutions to satisfy the submitted document requests. You will receive an email confirmation once they have linked or uploaded documents.

7. Re-open the loan application and navigate back to the LendsnapSendLoan form. Clicking on it will open the same window, except now it will show documents that the borrower has linked or uploaded.  

8. For each document in the list, you have the option to “preview,” “import,” or “reject” it. Previewing will open the document in a new window, loaded from the Lendsnap servers. You can Import the document as this point, by clicking the Import button at the lower-right, or you can simply close out the window. If you wish to reject a document, clicking the “reject” link will provide a window in which you can provide your rejection reason. Once rejected, the borrower will receive an email specifying the document and the rejection reason.  

9. When completed dispositioning the available documents, close the plugin window. If you’ve requested documents for import, then you will see a message notifying that you need to save and close the loan application. Encompass requires a loan application be closed (unlocked) to allow new document attachment.  

10. Lendsnap will automatically begin the document import process when it’s detected that the loan application has been closed, so complete any additional work required on the loan application prior to closing, to avoid interrupting the import task.


11. Shortly after closing, you will receive an email notification that the import process has completed.  


12. The loan application can be opened again, followed by opening the eFolder, where you’ll see the imported documents, indicated by a paperclip. They can then be moved or stacked, as any other Encompass attachment.


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